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There is no doubt that it is difficult to farm Guild Wars 2 Gold

As Wintersday closely related to us, let’s get to know it at first.The first time I hear the name of Wintersday, I thought it may be present us a series of stories happened in the cold winter season. The theme of the wintersday is full of joy. This activity will bring us many cute toys.There is a very important figure, whose name is Tixx. He will take his spaceship to Tyria on Dec.15, and start his Tyria journry from Tyria Grove.Then he will successively visited the major cities: Dec.16 in Divinity’s Reach → Dec.17 to Black the Citadel → Dec.18 to Hoelbrak → Dec.19 to Rata Sum,and Dec.20 reach to Lion’s Arch, and station there until the end of this activity.

There is no doubt that it is difficult to farm Guild Wars 2 Gold in Guild Wars 2, even if we farm from morning to midnight, the truth we harvest 10 gold is an exciting result. Compared to GW2 Gold,it is far easier to farm Guild Wars 2 Karma. We should focus on Guild Wars 2 dynamic events to farm karma. And it is possible to farm more karma when there are many farmers. Today, I’ll make a simple introduction about how to farm as much as guild wars 2 karma. You can read on if you’re interested in this topic.

During the process of farming Guild Wars 2 Karma, we should pay especially attention to the following two Dynamic Events – Penitent Camp and Shelter’s Gate for their abundant treasure. In addition, we can do task in Penitent Camp and Shelter’s Gate just for only several minutes, and then go to other places, because there are many players do these tasks. But if we are in need of T5 and T6 materials, we’d better complete the tasks. As for the other places, we should accomplish the tasks.

First of all, we should make a preparation to enter into the battlefield. All of Karma Booster,Omonorberry Tart (Food), and Powerful Potion of Undead Slaying (Potion) should be equipped with because food is used to enhance damage and MF, and potion used to increase damage to enemies and decrease damage to ourselves. As for the sigil of weapons, I select Superior Sigil of Bloodlust to reinforce damage. When we are in a team, we should change into MF armor.

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