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Achievements are various tasks that FOR a player

The beauty of the daily and monthly achievement system in Guild Wars 2 is that just by playing the game normally, you should fulfill most of the achievements. If you’re not running around Tyria defeating monsters or taking part in dynamic events, you should be!

To help you understand the benefits and mechanics of the achievement system, we’ve put together this intro guide to daily and monthly achievements.

Achievements are various tasks that a player can complete in Guild Wars 2. Completed achievements offer the benefit of gaining xp, coin, and mystic coins. (Mystic coins are used in Lion’s Arch at the Mystic Forge to create high level weapons.) There are quite a few different types of achievements ranging from PvP to crafting and everything in-between.

You can keep track of your progress in the various achievements in Guild Wars 2 by opening your hero screen by hitting [H] on the keyboard. Then go down and click on the achievement tab on the left side of the screen and the numerous categories of achievements will be shown. Just select which type of achievement you wish to see and the individual achievements for that category will be displayed.

All achievements are account wide so if you complete part of an achievement on one character and then switch to another, any further work on that achievement will build upon what your previous character had accomplished.

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