Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 national server by famous domestic carriers

In maintaining the gun 5 cases, if still need to use gun 4, basically have not be possible to keep active point at a higher level, so the output depend mainly on 1 skill.No matter that sword aoe or use daggers play monomer, 1 skill output was good. Buy GW2 Gold.Threat is relatively small boss with a dagger 1 play good, focus on the go and hide a skill, only death is cut section in 2 chopped kill.

MMORPG is famous role-playing game portal in North America, with millions of registered users, initiated all kinds of games each year to vote to have hundreds of thousands of fans.Black Powder is the most main control field skills. For most non boss monster, a gun 5 to 90% of its blockade output. Cheap GW2 Gold And it is group effect.. Adjust a walk, in the middle of the monster group this down, then use 1 skill output, in the smoke, after an attack time, fill again the next smoke, you can ensure that active point in and out of balance.

Headshot, used to interrupt the monster of various threats big skills. In fact as long as keep the smoke, the boss blame most of the skills has no threat. Only need to pay attention to various volley/flurry and so on multiple damage skills, can be interrupted.

Guild Wars 2 national server by famous domestic carriers KongZhong agency operations. The national server of localization which are in full swing, the first test of the national server can be expected, I believe we will soon be able to together and the players of the other countries of the world, enjoy the experience cross-era masterpiece brought to us by The ultimate game experience.

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