Guild Wars 2

The GW2 Gold can be transported to other places

Can be described as inadequate for players, what the saying goes, a dart in the body, no worries about eating and drinking! Heroes level in any period can participate in the dart transportation activities, three times a day before or physical exertion Oh! the op the dart also can get several times in a specific period of time, versus reward. In addition, according to the color of the Biaoche reward is different! Pockets bulging pours is not a dream, is no longer GW2 Gold dream.

Than law-abiding Biaoche transported from the starting point to the end, some players may be more one-sided alternative and more for quick money-making, that is Jiebiao! once a the success of Jiebiao reward is shipped dart reward 20%, if the can rob to of high quality Biaoche of silver, but the equivalent of transporting an ordinary Biaoche Oh! However, Jiebiao limited number of times, whether successful or not will consume the number of players you should pay special attention .

Than law-abiding Biaoche transported from the starting point to the end of Jiebiao from the dark there is a new fun, assuming Road Walking Sunshine tired, and occasionally try single-plank bridge is also not a good feeling! The naked temptation of money, into robbery dart role, play back robbers finished abuse the weak, the use of force to resolve the opponent, Biaoche for himself.

The GW2 Gold can be transported to other places which often entrusted to Escort. the grantor to avoid disaster ancient of business, which is the most mysterious of all the rivers and lakes of the industry, full of mystery. Brothers playing the heroes pass new dress, the points dazzling open to the the players restore most real Escort run business era, which experienced in thrilling bodyguards career.

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