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setting up siege weapons in guild wars 2

According to ArenaNet, setting up things like siege weapons can have a huge effect on battles, so paying attention to the details of  play can really pay off. “One of the things we saw coming out of the [beta weekend events] is we were watching all the videos pop up on YouTube and you would see these guys, they would set up two ballistas on top of a wall or on top of like a ledge looking over a big fight and nobody on the ground was actually paying any attention,” said Ferguson. “These guys were up there just cackling and destroying people. A ballista will two-shot somebody in most cases. So within four or five seconds you’re taking down people and if they don’t come after you, you’re just going to sit there and tear them apart. Siege weapons are our equalizer.”

“When we move onto Explorable, we want to keep that same strategy but we want it to sort of be razor thin. If you don’t do everything in exactly the right order at exactly the right time, you’re going to die. So you need to develop a much tighter group. We expect that if you’re in Explorable you’re communicating with voice communication, you’re probably in a guild together and that you know each other, and this isn’t the first time you’ve gone through this. It is theoretically possible to pick up group through an Explorable. In fact, I assume lots of people will. But you probably need to wait until other groups have pioneered through it, you know, written strategy guides and such.”

Guild Wars 2 officially launches today, but anyone who pre-purchased the game beforehand was able to start leveling over this past weekend. It turns out the number of players who signed in early was substantial, as publisher NCsoft announced Guild Wars 2 was pre-purchased by more than one million players. The highest number of concurrent players online throughout the weekend was over 400,000.

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