Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Online Manual contains all the information

The Guild Wars 2 Online Manual contains all the information you need to start your adventure in the world of Tyria. The Online Manual, which includes a Game Tutorial Video, will teach you the fundamentals of gameplay—everything from creating your first character to the basics of combat. Begin your journey of discovery now!

We’ve partnered with the experts at BradyGames to bring you a comprehensive guide to all things Tyria—the Guild Wars 2 Official Strategy Guide. This thick tome of knowledge is packed with as much information and analysis that BradyGames could fit between the covers, and it’s available digitally from today! Additionally, you’ll be able to pick up the Signature Series or Limited Edition Strategy Guides from one of your favorite retailers or directly from early next week.

Inside the official strategy guide you’ll find detailed maps, exhaustive profession and skill analysis, advice on building your character, info about crafting, a walkthrough for the first 25 levels, tons of tips, and more.

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