Guild Wars 2

Guildwars2 world activities Features

Dolyak Travel Across Map/ Defending traveling packages:

Dolyaks can be spotted on the map although if you don’t make a dash for them they will slowly wobble their way away from you. This pack carrying creatures carry the supply most points require to stand firm from invasion. Since they are a passive mob they will not fight back but keep trudging forward to its destination point. If the delivery is unguarded by anyone then it should take a player maybe 15-20 seconds to auto attack it to death. Otherwise more than 3 people is suggested ( or however many people you would need to take down the defensive force). If players want to defend the pack it also gives them exp. and money but may get boring if you are following it yourself.


Mercenary Camps work slightly different in comparison to all other locations whereas the others you could run in slashing and shooting as you please. When wanting to occupy these camps you need to complete dynamic quest events to gain their “trust”. These can help very much because they add extra manpower to a moving force to keep the fight going. If you aren’t gaining their trust then you are trying to destroy it. When it comes to taking down a mercenary camp I strongly advise you avoid going in alone. A small band of players may be the only way to have better chances of succeeding.

Besides the mentioned activities, players can run around and really do as they please. Some guilds I am aware of send out scouts that help a great deal in figuring out what is needed to be done as to counter oncoming events. Many will immediately picture huge swarms of players raging war on the field when WvW is mentioned but even small events occur everywhere that have a large impact on the larger picture.

Supply Camp Harassment:

When it comes to large keeps or forts, players require supply to keep a firm hold on the location which involves constructing new siege weapons and repairing the weapons plus the gate/wall. Supple camps send constant dolyaks to these locations to help garrison. Attacking locations works just about the same except the attacking army usually does more destruction than actual repair. The supply camps are scattered across the map in so many locations making it simple to choose a target. If you are a high level and know how to pick NPC target off one by one (or are amazing at juking) a supply camp can be taken by a single person. It time is of the essence a small band of 4-6 random people can take the camp pretty quickly. These small points can have a large impact on the outcome of a larger battle. Besides this activity, the following ones should be easy for fairly small groups to complete without.

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