Guild Wars 2

Win the race to provide a greater return

There are a total of 9 tournament ranks currently named with each rank providing varying rewards based on the chest you open, bronze, silver or gold.  All players start at Rabbit rank and will eventually (with countless hours of play and every 10 levels) work their way towards Dragon rank.  The only reward types that are currently known are up to Tiger.

On a personal level I would recommend that instead of spending your hard earned glory at the lower ranks, that you save it so you can redeem it when you are higher.  Considering you obtain a free chest when you rank up or win a tournament match, it’s much more economical to put up with more visually unappealing armour, with a view to buying significantly better the more your rank improves.

I’ll be following up this guide during the course of this week by detailing each structured PvP map in great detail, including the Do’s and Dont’s for each. Tomorrow we’ll be kicking things off with the newest edition to the map roster; Legacy of the Foefire.  In addition, we’ll be going into a lot more depth on the tactics needed in sPvP, so put your competitive caps on!

If Hot join play is considered the more casual element of sPvP, Tournaments would be considered the serious end of the spectrum.  Tournaments allow your party to create a team and fight against other participants in the three available maps, beginning on Legacy of the Foefire and ending on Forest of Niflhel. Each tournament pits eight teams of five against one another, with every team that wins the three-round, single-elimination tournament, being rewarded with a tournament chest.

Tournament chests provide greater rewards than those obtained from glory vendors or from obtaining a new sPvP rank, so offer a valuable incentive.

There are currently a total of 2 tournament types available, but with the intention of expanding this to yearly and player run version.  In addition, through pickup tournament reward chests you can obtain tournament tickets.  Each participant will need 5 tournament tickets to enter, with 25 needed for the entire team.  A party leader can also pay for the entire team if they so wish (and have the necessary tokens) while the rewards for paid tournaments are much improved over pickups.

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