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There are currently five types of common salvage kits

Once you’ve selected to train in any of the crafting disciplines, you will also be able to view a version of the Production tab shown above via the main Hero window [H] by clicking on the Crafting tab. Keep in mind, however, that you will only be able to view a list of any known recipes and their required components via the Hero window. To actually produce any of the items you will need to be near the appropriate crafting station.

Salvage Kits and Gathering Tools

The bulk of your crafting materials will come from gathering while out in the explorable zones, or breaking dropped items down using salvage kits depending on which crafting disciplines you choose to train. Both methods will require you to purchase and use associated consumable items that can be found on all crafting NPCs, and many NPC vendors throughout the world.

Salvage Kits

Salvage kits will allow you to break certain items down into crafting materials, and have a chance of returning any upgrade items slotted in any armors, weapons, or accessories you salvage. The kits are a stackable item that’s stored in your normal inventory, with one kit consumed each time you salvage an item.

Beyond any equippable items dropped by creatures, many also have a chance to drop items labled as Salvage Item. These will return a number of components, but unlike armor, weapons, and accessories, they will not provide you with any item upgrades when salvaged.

There are currently five (5) types of common salvage kits that can be purchased from vendors, or may be earned as rewards from certain activities such as personal story missions. As a general rule, the more expensive the kit, the better chance you have of yielding rarer components or salvaging upgrades from items.

  • Crude Salvage Kit – 32c per stack of 15
  • Basic Salvage Kit – 88c per stack of 25
  • Fine Salvage Kit – 2s 88c per stack of 25
  • Journeyman’s Salvage Kit – 8s per stack of 25
  • Master’s Salvage Kit – 15s 36c per stack of 25

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