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Once you’ve selected to train in any of the crafting disciplines, you will also be able to view a version of the Production tab shown above via the main Hero window [H] by clicking on the Crafting tab. Keep in mind, however, that you will only be able to view a list of any known recipes and their required components via the Hero window. To actually produce any of the items you will need to be near the appropriate crafting station.

Salvage Kits and Gathering Tools

The bulk of your crafting materials will come from gathering while out in the explorable zones, or breaking dropped items down using salvage kits depending on which crafting disciplines you choose to train. Both methods will require you to purchase and use associated consumable items that can be found on all crafting NPCs, and many NPC vendors throughout the world.

Once you’ve chosen a crafting discipline, you can immediately begin crafting provided you have the necessary components. To do so, walk up to the appropriate crafting station and interact with it using the default [F] key. This will bring up the main crafting window which has a number of different tabs and interactions. We’ll take a look at each of these views below, along with some basic notes and tips for each.

Note: click on any of the images below for a larger view of the interface

The Discovery Tab

In this tab you can drag components from your inventory on the left of the screen into the four boxes found in the center of the interface to “discover” new items. This will be your primary method of learning new recipes for all disciplines, though you will learn some automatically as you unlock new tiers. In general, you will also earn more crafting XP through discovery than general production.

The Production Tab

This is the default view when you begin crafting. Any recipes you currently know will be listed on the left. Clicking on them will display the necessary components in the main view on the right of the window, and if you have them in your inventory you can craft the item. You will start out with a number of basic recipes already unlocked, but can learn more through advancement and discovery.

The Bank Tab

This tab will allow you to access your account vault which can be very handy while crafting. While most crafting components can be stored in the collections tab, certain items such as Insignias used in the discovery process can only be stored in the main bank. Since you can access this tab from any crafting station, it can allow you to access the bank from any explorable zones where crafting stations are located.

The Collections Tab

Here you will be able to access any of your stored crafting materials. Like the default bank space, collection storage is account wide, so this can be an incredibly handy way to share gathered and dropped crafting materials between your characters on the same account. Note that you can also store basic vendor-bought crafting items here, such as linen thread used in many disciplines.

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