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The main point where players gravitate in Niflhel is the “shared” area between both bases, near the beach.  As tempting as it is to jump down from your base to fight the masses (the westerly exit for the Red team and Easterly exit for the Blue team) you’ll be sure to lose if you get trapped into a cycle of spawning, exiting and dying just to take part in some fighting.   It is a far better solution to simply leave through the opposite exit towards the capture points than it is to feed the opposition free score.

Do Use Caution

Kyhlo’s capture points tend to put the player at a height advantage over attackers (both the Mansion and Windmill are raised areas) Niflhel however puts the player at a significant height disadvantage.  The Henge is surrounded by a raised hill; the Mine sees a wooden gantry surround it and the Keep a rear wall.   Unless the coast is clear, it is difficult to decide how to deal with this as you cannot capture any of the three point s on the surrounding raised areas.   I found the best tactic is to have a spotter to call out when someone is approaching, quickly killing the attacker, before returning back to the capture point.

Don’t Split At The Start

There is no reason why you should split your team at the very beginning.  As almost all teams send players out of their base and onto the beach it is much more effective to send out your full force to the beach to meet them head on. You can then, after no doubt steam rolling the opposition, send some of your party members to double back to pick up your nearest capture point and NPC.  You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that if the opposing team do send their full team of 5 onto the beach, at least it will be a fair fight.

People rarely use the rear path to the Keep wall which is surprising considering it will put you at a significant height advantage.  A small group of players can easily creep up on unsuspecting opposition who are capturing the point, immobilise them all and then rain down AOE attacks.  The height advantage will also keep you clear of melee players.

Do Save Your Strongest

Stealing an NPC from the opposing team, just as they are about to kill it is an amazing feeling, it is also infuriating when you are on the receiving end of it.  Saving your strong skill, or preferably a fast burst,  will guarantee that you steal the NPC at the last possible moment and secure those crucial 25 points.

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