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Guild Wars 2 How PvP

Difference between sPvP and WvW In both types of PvP, all players are automatically set to L80. Structured PvP or sPvP for short is your traditional PvP maps that you might be familiar with in other MMOs. You are given all the skills and all the PvP gear you possibly need so that everyone starts out in […]

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There are quests in GW2 but they may not be the traditional quests that you are used to. Quests in GW2 are called Hearts or Tasks. They are heart shaped symbols on the map that fill to full once you complete them. Each heart has a specific level associated with it and once you are near the area […]

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GW2 New Theme “The Nightmares Within” Video Contest

A new beginning, the battle more exciting! The Nightmare tower will be assaulted head-on in the next Guild Wars 2 content release, and players get to disregard the lessons taught by every horror movie ever and step inside. What do you mean, Marjory Delaqua already sent a team in and they didn’t come back? Pfft, […]

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Guild Wars 2 Rock the Nightmare Music Video Contest

Prepare to Rock the Nightmare! In the November 12 Guild Wars 2 release The Nightmares Within, you’ll storm the sinister fortress of the Toxic Alliance and face your fears! Few things are as “metal” as a sorcerous tower full of evil, so to commemorate The Nightmares Within release, we’re hosting a heavy metal music video […]

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Guild Wars 2 Toxic New Items in the Gem Store

Most recent product updates, Come take a look: Neither snow nor rain nor invasions from the Mad Realm nor the uprising of the new and deadly Toxic Alliance will keep the Black Lion Trading Company from providing you with new and useful items! We’ve got new Toxic armor pieces for those of you who’ve been […]

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About Nightmares Within update November 12th

The dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate. Arenanet announced the next Living Story update: the Nightmares Within. The heroes […]

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Are you a man….in an MMO?

In an MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online) you won’t enjoy it unless you have someone to talk to or play with. You won’t notice anything different or exciting if you are by yourself (plus you may die a lot). So, no matter who or what he/she/it may be, just buddy up. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping […]

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Guild Wars 2, 5v5 Weekly Cup #4

Some days ago we announced our weekly cup series. Today we want to announce our 4th cup. As last week the cup will start at 20:00 CET. Also don´t forget that we will provide prizes worth $ 175 for the first 2 teams! So better spread the word and sign up! The matches will be […]

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Guild Wars 2 Tower of Nightmares DLC Live, New Appearance

The steady flow of content updates for Guild Wars 2 hasn’t slowed since this past summer. The latest update marks the third just in October, and is called Tower of Nightmares, which is a fitting name for a Halloween week DLC release. Players will have to deal with the ever changing world of Tyria, which is always full […]

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Guild Wars 2 Backpack Cover,Your Choice

Equipment is definitely the everlasting pursuit to players in each video game, some of the players even spend money to buy gold or gems in order to get a suit of powerful equipment. Equipment in gw2 features the appearance rather than the attribute, so it is not difficult to get top equipment in this game. We […]