Monopoly Go

All The Ways To Collection Monopoly Go Stickers

Monopoly Go Stickers

In Monopoly Go, you have a collection of sticker sets that you can earn, and when you complete a sticker set, you get a massive amount of dice rolls and cash. Plus, it can be a bit of a status boost to collect all of the sticker packs. The rarest of the sticker sets contain golden stickers, as well. These are extremely rare, but we will show you how to get every single sticker.

If you have extra money, buying stickers from a trustworthy online Monopoly Go Sticker Store is the best way. This will save you a lot of time and effort. As far as most players are concerned, buying Monopoly GO Stickers is the best way to make them get a head in-game.

There are random rolls that will earn you stickers, but the best way to get free stickers is to rack up a large amount of Monopoly GO dice and then turn on the multiplier as high as it will go, and roll to your heart’s content. There are so many different random prizes and spaces that are new stickers, and putting your multiplier to the highest setting makes the prices increase significantly.

Another very good way to get stickers is to complete an entire color set on the board. If you collect all of the different squares of one specific color and then upgrade the houses to hotels on all of them, then you will complete a color set, which will not only earn you a massive amount of stickers but will earn you a large amount of cash as well.

The community chest will often also have free stickers. This chest becomes available periodically on a timed basis, and the main benefit of opening the chest is getting cash, but sometimes stickers can also pop out, allowing you to come even closer to completing the collections. be sure to set the push notifications on your phone or tablet so that you have an immediate alert whenever the chest becomes available so that you can reset the cool-down timer immediately.

Minigames are another way to get free stickers. These often tend to come up for limited periods of time, such as the prize drop game which is very similar to Pachinko, so make sure to play them as often as you can before the timer runs out and the minigame goes away. Max out your rewards, and you will end up earning a large amount of stickers.

Another one of the best ways to get Monopoly GO stickers is to go to the market and, on the top image carousel, scroll over to the image of the free prize. You will be able to collect a free prize once every eight hours. This will contain cash and dice, but it will also contain a sticker pack with two stickers.

Be sure to play the game often. You can complete the dailies, which are quests that earn you stickers and other prizes when you complete them. Plus, you can also complete the weeklies, which reset once a week, and when you complete them, you will earn even more sticker packs.

If you get duplicate stickers, they will be changed into stars, which can then be taken to the vault in the album tab, and exchanged for more stickers. The more stars that a sticker is worth and the rarer that it is, the more stars that you will earn if it’s a duplicate. As you earn duplicate stickers and collect the stars, they will continue to build up like a currency.

Arguably more valuable than stars, though, is joining the sticker trading group on Facebook, which is constantly advertised within the game itself. This group allows you to add friends, and whenever someone gets a duplicate sticker, they can send it to someone else. To use this group, the first thing that you have to do is link your account in the game to your Facebook account.

Be sure to turn your notifications on, because if you have your notifications turned on, then you can collect all of the free rewards that earn you stickers, such as the free areas of the limited edition shop tabs, the community chest, and all other reward areas.

It ends here. Best of luck!