Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Barbarian Interesting Genre Recommendations

In the latest test of Diablo 4, players have discovered several interesting gameplays using the barbarian class. They can provide good damage output by simplifying the operation, which is very suitable for players to upgrade quickly in the early stage of the game.

Infinite Rampage Genre
Use Death Bash and Leap to trigger a rage, and use a two-handed swing to reset the duration of the rage. After the death blow hits the enemy, the player can get the crazed state, and the leap requires using the passive skill of combat frenzy to trigger the berserk. The main damage of this gameplay comes from the two skills of death blow and frenzy. The damage of the death blow itself is very high, and the skill can be reset after killing the enemy. After gaining rage, it can greatly increase the damage and movement speed of the barbarian. In addition, in the talent selection of barbarians, it is necessary to choose talents related to rage, such as damage reduction in a rage state and more rage points after the rage, etc., which can greatly improve the survival of barbarians’ ability.

This configuration can give the barbarian good defensive ability and movement speed. Both single-target damage and AOE damage have bonuses. Death Blow is the main AOE skill. Although the damage range is relatively small, you can use “crazy killing” in the later stage. These dark gold Items in Diablo 4 make up for the lack of AOE.

Hammer of the Ancestors genre
As long as the player obtains the legendary special effect equipment with the power of the ancestors in the game, he can use this genre. The skill branch chooses the Hammer of the Furious Ancestors, and each point of rage can cause 1% extra damage. The way to get rage can be to use a stimulating battle cry and leap, which can restore 40% of the rage, and use the battle cry to strengthen the leap to restore 100%. Together, these two abilities allow the player to use Hammer of the Ancestors three times in a row.

This genre has good AOE damage and movement speed, and the premise of using it is very simple. You only need a piece of equipment with the legendary special effect of the power of the ancestors.

Whirlwind Genre
This genre is relatively troublesome. It mainly uses the whirlwind skill but needs enough rage to assist. To quickly recover the rage, the two skills of Invigorating Battle Cry and Leap Strike are inseparable, or keep the Invigorating Battle Cry and replace Leap Strike with a specialization skill to increase the damage of Whirlwind. The barbarian has a passive skill. When the specialization skill deals damage, it can increase the core skill’s vulnerability effect and the damage by about 20%.

There are two branches of the whirlwind genre, one is continuous, and the other is bleeding. When the rage value is low at the beginning, choose the bleeding Whirlwind because the rage value is low at the beginning, and the bleeding effect can cause continuous damage to the enemy.

The genre of thorns against wounds
When an enemy attacks you, you return the damage the enemy caused him. In Diablo 4, the definition of anti-injury is quite special. It has nothing to do with your armor value and the size of the enemy’s damage. The amount of anti-injury depends on the value of the thorns—damage reduction attribute, without worrying about reducing the anti-injury effect. For example, you reduce the enemy’s damage to 1, but this does not affect the anti-injury effect on the enemy. At the same time, it can be used with the bleeding effect to cause maximum damage to the enemy.

This genre has a weakness: when killing the world boss, the damage caused is very limited. If the boss hits you, the possibility of death is very high.