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The best FIFA 20 camera and visual settings

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Single-player camera – Co-op
Multiplayer camera – Co-op
Offline be a pro – Co-op
Pro clubs camera – Co-op
Be a keeper camera – Pro
Camera settings – Custom
Camera height – 18
Camera zoom – 5
Pro camera zoom – 10
Pro camera speed – 10
Pro camera swing – 10
These changes from our usual settings we have used for the last 5 FIFA’s will, once again take some getting used to so as we mentioned above, please get used to this in offline game modes before you take it into online game modes.
The advantage of using these settings for your camera is that you’ll immediately be able to see more of the pitch for spotting gaps and your players’ runs. It’ll help you keep better possession of the ball AND defensively, it’s so much better for switching and seeing the overall shape of your team and where you might need to switch to, to plug gaps in your defense.

HUD – Player name & Indicator (crucial for our use of radar tips)
Player indicator – Player name
Time/Score display – On
Radar – 2D
OTP online ID indicator – Fade
Net tension – Tight (just individual preference of ours)
Net shape – Rectangle (see above)
Net meshing – Square (see above)
Scrolling line ups – Off

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