Forza Horizon 4

How do racers see a recent update to Forza Horizon 4?

Forza Horizon 4 retains just about every thing that tends to make Forza Horizon three the ideal in its class and adds it to a game that never stops you. Spectacular visual good quality and sound style, a large number of cars and a wide and totally customizable career model have become the hallmarks in the Horizon variety.

A current update to Forza Horizon 4 took place some days ago, and the Series 7 update adds a new function called Festival Playlist, beginning in the summer. Playlists offer you a clear concept of ??what exactly is taking place in Horizo ??every single season and retain track of all the things you do. Comprehensive all of this to acquire the top reward for Horizo.

It also added 18 new achievements, a total of 500 gamers, supporting features added since the release. This includes the new Horizon Stories (British Racing Green, Isha’s Taxi and Skill Streak), Free-for-All Adventure and Route Blueprint; plus participation in #FORZATHON and completing seasonal content. Fixed an issue where Notaker’s “Storm” never played on the Bass Arena, some of which were mistakenly banned from ranking online adventures, the player’s car sometimes spinning during the pre-game loading sequence, and the conditions that gave Mixer influence Has been changed to support an effective game flow, the achievement exploit route blueprint can be used to get the “better access to Craken” and “Leviathan killer” achievements, etc. For specific information, please refer to the official information released by the game. I won’t say more here.

Although from the content point of view, FH 4 has updated a lot of content under the banner of deepening the player experience, but are these things really needed by players? Many players said that the update did not refer to the opinions in the community. Most of the fixes did not solve the problems that the community has been discussing. The only thing that is fortunate is that it fixes the problem that players are mistakenly banned from ranking online adventures. Remember that we are This problem was mentioned in previous articles. Although its idea is good, it can deepen the interaction between players, but it is very difficult to queue.

Through some surveys, we found that some players want to know where the wallriding fix is, and some players want to allow Car Pass owners to use their DLC cars offline, which allows them to close the game in one game and still be in the game again. in the game. There are also some players who are looking forward to the content of the “completed” error solution for seasonal events, even if they have just reset the season, the event will be completed.


Some players are concerned about whether the Credits vulnerability is fixed, and believe that people use the vulnerability to obtain points in the game will affect the game, but some players said that this is not a big problem, can easily earn credits can be faster To achieve your goals, what do you think about this?

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