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Do Prophecies Need To Be Reworked In Path Of Exile?

Prophecies are visions of a character’s future, provided by Navali. They can be purchased for one Silver Coin and are stored in the prophecy screen. These prophecies influence the future of what happens to the player’s character. Some can change areas to generate different encounters or to force various outcomes to occur. Others trigger when a condition occurs and change the result.

Let me give you a scenario. I get the sextant 500% increased quantity of poe buy items dropped by strongbox monsters on my Tier 16 guardian map. I get ecstatic because monstrous treasure will now almost guarantee that I have tons of map returns! I go, and I buy 3 monstrous treasure prophecies, use one of them, and go into the map.

Path of Exile

No proc, no strongboxes, empty map, wasted sextant. So, I finish the map, reset the prophecy, and start over again, once again no proc, repeat this one more time, and my window for actually getting some good returns, has faded. This of course leaves any player who has invested both in the sextant as well as the prophecies frustrated and pissed at the mechanic.

Currently, whenever a prophecy is activated in Navali’s list, it picks out certain maps where it can proc. However the player has no way of knowing which maps it can proc in, and the only way of resetting this list of maps, is by spending the silver coins to seal, and then restart the prophecy again. This is just terrible for those who enjoy using the prophecy mechanic, not only do you spend a horrendous amount of coins, you constantly lose out on opportunities, because the prophecy just simply didn’t proc.

I would like to suggest one of the three changes below:

1: Allow players to see what maps the prophecy will proc on.

2: Change the system so that it is a random chance to proc on a map, instead of a defined list. Meaning just because it didn’t proc once, doesn’t mean it won’t proc the next time. (At least this way we don’t have to go spending dozens of silver coins in frusteration.)

3: Get rid of this whole random proc-ing system to begin with. It’s annoying, and I can’t particularly see any reason behind it, maybe fellow redditors will be able to explain it.

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