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Do You Know The Upper Prison In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, collectors of path of exile currency may know, the Upper Prison is an area in Act 1. This area has no waypoint and is connected to The Lower Prison and Prisoner’s Gate.

The Upper Prison contains two additional sub-areas: The Warden’s Quarters and The Warden’s Chambers. The door to the Warden’s Quarters is randomly located in the Upper Prison and leads to the player’s first encounter with Piety of Theopolis, an NPC who speaks and then vanishes. Beyond Piety is a trail of blood leading to the Warden’s Chambers and the Brutus, Lord Incarcerator boss fight.

Path of Exile

Defeating Brutus will unlock the door to The Prisoner’s Gate. The waypoint in that area will also be activated, so you can optionally portal back to town before proceeding. After leaving The Upper Prison for Prisoner’s Gate you won’t be able to come back that way. The following are the Monsters you will encounter in this area:

1. Brutus, Lord Incarcerator, commonly just called Brutus, is a unique monster in the Upper Prison in Act 1.Defeating him is the objective of the quest The Caged Brute.

2. Sawbones is a unique Necromancer located in The Upper Prison. He raises undead and summons skeletons. The player can use Detonate Dead to counter him. Alternatively, player can use Bone Offering or Flesh Offering to stop raise undead (and enchanting player minions).

3. Axiom Frostguard is a type of Skeletal Mage found in Act 1.

4. Axiom Thunderguard is a type of Skeletal Mage found in Act 1 and Act 2.

5. Brittle Bleeder is a type of Skeletal Archer found in Act 1.

6. Brittle Poacher is a type of Skeletal Archer found in Act 1.

7. Brittle Thief is a type of Skeleton found in Act 1.

8. Diabolist is a type of Necromancer which appears in act 1.

9. Rotting Damned is a type of Zombie found in Act 1.

Native monsters in this area can resist cold, lightning or elemental damage and deal physical, cold or lightning damage. They can deal physical damage over time and apply the Enfeeble curse.

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