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What’s The Fastest Way To Level PoE Witch Necro

In Path of Exile, if your build is gonna be SRS necro, but its leveling is kinda slow, what is a good alternative that is the fastest to leveling? Of course, having enough poe currency is a prerequisite. I hope the following guide content will be helpful to you.

Leveling as SRS is decent enough, I’d say, and it won’t require refunding passive points later on. Get yourself 2x Lifesprigs (or a single +1 to fire gems Wand), slap SRS – Minion Damage – Melee Splash in there, then get Flesh. Offering so make them faster (by level 10, but it does not have much use until you have Mistress of Sacrifice, besides for bossing with Desecrate + Flesh Offering), Desecrate – Spell Cascade.

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Then, get yourself a Reverberation Rod (for +1 to gems and Spell Echo), slap SRS – Minion Damage – Melee Splash in there, then try to get a 4l helmet (with +1 to minion gems, 90% sure there is a recipe for that) and slap SRS – Minion Damage – Melee Splash – Spell Echo and you should be good until maps. You could probably use some Spectres as well from 28, but I don’t know which ones are decent at the momeent, as it’s been a while since I leveled a Necro.

If you don’t wanna follow to usual SRS leveling, you could try Poet’s Pen with SRS and Volatile Dead. Or just level as a spellcaster and go Firestorm/Storm Call – Spell Cascade (swap with Concentrated Effect for single target) – something on a +1 wand/sceptre.

Or lever with fire trap+freeze pulse until 12. FireStorm, Spell cascade, added lightning. Spell totem, srs, min dmg (Bosses) Replace added lightning for conc and swap out cascade for ele focus for bosses. Grab the duration nodes next to EE as it’ll affect both srs and FS. After normal lab you can switch to pure srs if you find a 4L (preferably a +1 helm or staff from recipe).

Use a generosity hatred. Use a ball lightning Coh, ele weakness and pick up EE. You should be able to smash most content until you get to later levels and get your 5L staff. It’s not the fastest leveling but it’ll get the job done. I’ve done a lot of srs leveling and it’s not bad once you get your first lab done and a 4L. The first levels are horrible though imo.

If you really don’t like srs leveling you could just stick to fire storm. If you do not want to lag behind others due to lack of orbs, you can buy poe orbs on U4GM.

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