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How To Stick With Your PoE Character Until 100

Recently, I saw some interesting discussions on the Path of Exile forum, some of players said they got bored of their character after 90. They said that they like to eventually push for 100 with a character, but they find themself getting bored with a character around mid 80s, and then once they hit 90-92, they just reroll because they are done with it.

Path of Exile

How do players stick with it until 100? In fact, it is not difficult, you only need to do a few points described below.

1. Find a build thats fun enough for you to play and, for once at least, try to min-max it. Level 90 is where its getting slower, but 95+ is where the grind begins. At least 90-95 you can clearly see your progress each map.

2. You need a simple but fun build (cyclone does that for me. for others its a fast bow/wander, but thats up to you) with good endgame potential.

3. The good part is that 95+ takes so much time that you will surely get rich over time, so you can start identifying parts of your gear that are good but could be better (very good opal/steel rings for example, shaper/elder poe items, perfectly rolled uniques etc, you can easyli sink 1000 ex into a single character and still dont be min-maxed).

4. If you enjoy min-maxing you can min-max your character while you are leveling, so make that your target. I personally enjoy the min-maxing a lot more then pushing the last few levels, so i usually play a fun build until i hit the “next upgrade = 150+ex”.

Some players think that you play on hardcore you’ll rarely run in to this issue – each character will be created with the intent of progressing further than before, and for some players personally they usually die somewhere around 80 so they don’t really get to a point where a character becomes boring. If they do get to that point I’ll consider it a massive accomplishment.

In fact, for the players, having enough items will make their exile more smoothly, buy exalted orbs on U4GM is always an excellent choice, and they are cheap.

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