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Do You Know The New Fragment Stash Tab In PoE

In Path of Exile, GGG have announced the new Fragment Stash Tab that allows you to store your Breachstones and Splinters, Vaal Fragments, Mortal Sin Fragments, Divine Vessels, Offerings to the Goddess, Guardian Fragments and Pale Court Keys in stacks of 5,000!

Path of Exile

Fragment Stash Tab: Add a Fragment Stash Tab to your account. Fragment Stash Tabs can hold 5000 of each Fragment type. Fragment stash tabs can be listed as public, allowing them to integrate with community trade tools. In other words, you can also name your tabs and make them public for trading. Breach Splinters stack up to 100 in this tab before they turn into Breachstones. This is different than the Currency Tab, where they can stack up to 5,000.

You can get your Fragment Stash Tab now and if you’re looking to get some points to spend, please visit the official website. you can also buy poe orbs on U4GM, where the items are cheap.

However, some players are dissatisfied with Fragment Stash Tab price. It is of course allowed to question the price points, but also keep in mind lots of them are bought with supporter pack points and even at reduced prices every 3rd weekend. If you buy a physical thing in life, it is common to spread the initial cost on number of years it is expected to last – if you buy a digital QoL feature it lasts as long as you enjoy the game.

You can combine all kinds of tabs I am sure, but it might be key to the ongoing development to create new ways to get people to spend their points and buying new features – after all digital goods never expire, so it is one of the only ways they can get existing players to keep funding the game.

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