Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Revealed The First Warden Gameplay Trailer

Since ESO: Morrowind revealed the main skill lines of Warden class, players are eager to grab more details on the special class. There is a good news for us now!

Yesterday, ESO released a gameplay trailer for the Warden class, a powerful new protector in Tamriel who protect Nirn with a host of unique, nature-based abilities.

In the first trailer of Warden, we can see a wide assortment of abilities Warden possess, summoning the fearsome war bear, encasing himself in rock-solid ice, even conjuring healing plants from the soil. The possibilities are endless with the Warden class because the type of Warden you can become is completely up to you and your playstyle.

Prepare to be a hero defending the wilds and people of Tamriel on June 6! Please pay more attention on ESO-GOLD news about ESO: Morrowind guides and updates in advance. You can even buy cheap eso gold and power leveling at the reliable online site.

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