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Under The FIFA 15 Itroduction

The FIFA in the 15 most prominent strength is defence skills in actual combat, many novice players on defense may have its own hit situation following the game on defense, offense needs to pay attention to what issues you do, look below.


1, EEP don’t continually in the penalty area by tacklingkey, accidentally 100% eating penalty. Steals shouldyou get stuck click it again, by as little as possible,click is enough time generally look to take, accordingto the poor is a penalty.


2, Rob head attention press LT make defensive playersbypass the offense before the body, so chances of Rob to the point that much


After 3, near the penalty area, with around as little as possible, easy to empty, unless it is a ball carrier‘soffensive line has been blocked by you, then press RBdefense very well.


4, facing sudden chug of the player, do not press the xkey to follow, simply can’t keep up, only manual controlof defensive players, card in advance, to run in onedirection, his opponent and took it to the route taken,this anticipation requires experience.


5, when the other side flip shot, do not rush to switchto the closest Defender, if you want to switch, do notaccidentally press the arrow keys Or you may findthe Defender automatically runs away To rival thefree shot


6, battle flip shot headed away from most insurancedirectly, if the cardsnatch easily be anti-robbing formBroadsword.


7, truncated, passing and offensive line, more importantthan grabbed the ball, just staring at the ball, meetmaster minute is hung and beat


8, 15 keeper very nauseous, unless it is a single ball of pure, early closure, the melee in the penalty area and try not to attack, frequent goalkeepers and defenders hit together, or when the ball is in front of,but not foolishly fighting

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