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FIFA 15 Transfer Updates Has Changed

FIFA 15 the next big event is the highly anticipated January transfer update release time for the United Kingdom and the United States.
We‘ve seen one or two noteworthy changes taking place in real life, of course, but the main action on the afternoon of January‘s transfer window closed on February 2, 2015 11 United Kingdom time on the last day.
Every year EA has always adhered to strict mode. We can tell you that developers should launch the first wave of FIFA on January 15 to January 30 transfer upgrade.
Of course, will happen on February 2, EA introduced FIFA so that‘s why some transfer transfer of 15 different batch updates.
Although we can not guarantee, FIFA transfer may 15th in the race on February 7 second wave once EA has had plenty of time to transfer the player database according to whatever happened on February 2 in real Windows.
This is EA 14–FIFA follows the pattern, as you can seewith this Google Doc as evidence. Developers followed the same pattern, 40 planned by mimicking the same schedule this year, as FIFA 1440.
We expect them to do upgrade in January this year, is expected to go first on January 30. For those who asked when will FIFA 15th update to live in the United Kingdom, history suggests that it will be in the evening, United Kingdom.
If no changes occur prior to January 30, we will update it accordingly. Now, give us your expectations in the upcoming Windows.
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