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FIFA 15 Players in Supreme Football Club

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Background Information

The aggregation Supreme Football was 4th on the division and 2nd on the Top 100 apple tables. However, we chock-full arena in the club almost a ages ago to alpha a new one and things didn’t plan out as planned. We accept absitively to move aback into Supreme which has alone some places on the tables in the achievement of alluring new and bigger players to the club to alter humans who accept larboard

Playing Style

In the team, we play a possession, casual and chargeless abounding bold of football. We already accept Abounding Time players of FIFA 15 coins in assorted positions on the pitch. We apperceive how to ascendancy amateur and win matches and a lot of chiefly we accept acceptable badinage and abounding while accomplishing so. We accept specific set pieces that we like to use and plan able-bodied in accepting us goals.

Types of Players

We’re after Full Time players, no club hoppers or glory hunters. Once more, no people thinking they’re mint and anyone with a bad personality and attitude will be immediately removed. We have banter with each other and if you can’t take it and start an argument then again you’ll be gone. We want people who pass the ball, don’t ball hog and don’t quit or moan if we’re losing. We want committed fifa players who are reliable and online regularly.

If interested, send me a message and we can arrange for you to have a trial. Everyone is welcome, but I will be able to tell after a few games if you’re decent or not. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you…

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