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How the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Have Happy Hours Work

FIFA Happy Hour is well-known to FIFA Ultimate Team users as it’s the period of time whereby EA often increases the chances of pulling an inform player from a FIFA Pack. However on rare occasions happy hour only consists of special packs such as a 100k pack that contains 24 of ‘only the best players’ and other varieties. Although it sounds appealing, it simply consists of 24 shiney gold players.


There are several misunderstandings about what Happy Hour is and how it works. Some players insist to say that Happy Hour is a period of one hour in which the chances of getting better cards are higher. This is not absolutely true. We will try to clarify those people.

An happy hour is a period of time with special packs available on the store,and if you have FIFA 15 coins to play then it may be just one hour but it may also be a full day or even a weekend. in happy hours also exists other packs. They are usually more attractive than the regular ones, because they have a lower cost per rare card. The chances of getting a good card during a happy hour are exactly the same. The only difference is that, most of the times, it will be cheaper to buy cards during Happy Hours.

There are a very rare kind in which the chances of getting a good card are higher. These special Happy Hours are announced as ‘2x Chances’, which means that the chances of getting an IF card during this period are two times higher than usual.

The Happy Hours are not announced in advance. The players may know if there is any Happy Hour in the main page of the FUT Web App or the consoles while it is active, or a few minutes before starting in the Twitter of EA Sports FIFA 15.

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