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Pepe continues to track Messi to the right waiting for that left move

It’s here, our review of FIFA 15 is here

We spent a couple of weeks with the game and thought now (a week after it’s release in the UK) would be the time to bring you our review. It’s a long one, with each aspect of FIFA 15 dissected and talked about. However, (something you’ve probably noticed if you scrolled down), there’s no score. No, that doesn’t means a nothing out of 10. We wanted to let out text do the talking and you (the reader) take away exactly that after going through it.

Graphics & Presentation

This is perhaps where EA have put most of their effort into with FIFA 15, bringing out the most authentic and realistic looking FIFA title yet, and considering how play well,when you have many FIFA 15 coins to waste.It is great to see EA still making big strides in the Visual and Presentation department.Of course, one of the headline features was that the Barclay’s Premier League was to be represented in a way that has never been done before in all other sports games. They have managed to perfectly recreate the look of a Saturday/Sunday afternoon Premier League match. As previously revealed, FIFA 15 includes all 20 premier league stadiums, with every one perfectly replicated right down to the last stride of grass.


Let’s be frank, if there is one area that EA SPORTS never fail to deliver on then it would be the commentary, pitch-side audio and in-game music offerings. EA TRAX has become a platform for many a music artist to promote their careers and receive worldwide recognition. This year is no different as FIFA 15 continues this trend. To compliment the superb broadcast style feel within this years game the team have added new fan chants and pitch sounds.

AI & Tactical Elements

For FIFA 15 the development team has made some very noticeable changes to the AI. Some changes are good some are bad. The defensive AI still doesn’t seem to factor in an attacking player’s preference and habits. For example if Messi is dribbling towards goal naturally a defender like Pepe will steps out from his line to face him up, so far so good. As Messi starts dribbling towards his right setting up a quick cut inside to have a left footed shot at goal, Pepe continues to track Messi to the right waiting for that left move which he knows is coming.

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