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FUT Mode is really popular in FIFA 15 and we are here today to discuss some possible problems that we may concern with there, welcome to turn to us when you need fifa 15 coins and other game related problems. We are here for your service in a 24 hour round every day.

How to get involved in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?
Complete the following three steps and then you will get into FUT Mode.
1. Purchase a authorised edition of FIFA 15.
2. Choose “FUT Mode” in the menu and you will see detailed instructions there.
3. Set and create a security code

How to loan players in FIFA 15 FUT Mode?
When you create a club in FIFA 15 the first time, you have the chance to choose to loan a player or not, other players will be unlocked in the catalogue of the club. You can see from the player card directly if you want to know how many games the loaned player can be in. the time of the loaning is different from players, it is determined by the value of the player.

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