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Are the tank Dragonknight skills any good compared to the Templar’s healing skills?

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The skills available, we know Dragonknight skills have AoE assassin or ranged damage-dealer which is good, but I don’t see how to heal with it. So it looks like we would need Templar skills to keep people alive.

Dragonknight Skills
We know that there are definitely 2 confirmed classes in the Elder Scrolls online. One is the Dragonknight class, which is supposed to be one of the most diverse classes. It basically allows you to play a tank, in which you can switch it into being an assassin or ranged damage-dealer. It’s basically just the class you want to pick if you’re unsure about what class to pick. It’s a superior class to begin with because you can branch off into other classes.

Skills for DragonKnight have been confirmed. Fiery reach, a tank skill, is a flaming chain that you send out to pull people towards you. You also get Slam, which is an ability that allows you to stun enemies and knock them down. Spiked Armor, which is a buffer that surrounds your character, adds extra damage resistance and returns the physical ruin. You get Dragon Armor, an ultimate skill, which turns your personality’s skin into molten rock and lava. This results to nearby enemies catching on fire and receiving burning ruins.

Templar Skills
You can also start at the Templar, which is comparable to the Paladin in the World of Warcraft. This class is like a warrior and healer in one.

Some skills confirmed for the Templar class include the Sun Strike, a templar’s basic spell. Basically, it shoots out a sizable staff of light. Unfair, Templar ability, which is a medium-range attack that allows you to hit enemies with a blast of sunlight. Apparently, it looks similar to the fireball in Skyrim. Rush ceremony is a Templar healing spell, and it permits you to restore part of your ally’s health. Apparently, the healing spell doesn’t have a cool down either, which is not yet sure if game developers are about iron that out because it sounds a bit weird. We still need to wait for further updates on this section as the game is still currently in Beta.

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