Guild Wars 2

Are you a man….in an MMO?

In an MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online) you won’t enjoy it unless you have someone to talk to or play with. You won’t notice anything different or exciting if you are by yourself (plus you may die a lot). So, no matter who or what he/she/it may be, just buddy up. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”- Henry Ford.


Now there are many ways to attack a situation during an event, and the best way is with “Strategery”- George Bush: you probably have found a group of Mesmers, Warriors, Rangers, and a whole variety of classes, (check Professions), you do have some that are better at long-range or have more health than others depending on how they build their skills. So, to blow through a bunch of enemies in a row to get to a boss or do an objective, you want your melee/tanks to attack the first group as you ranged fighters go ahead slowly dragging other foes to your position. This helps take away the time between fights and clears the path(s) a little bit faster.


Now we are at the big guy…ooohhh no what do I do, I can’t hit him he is too far away and all I have is a sword. Don’t worry, they built Guild Wars 2 where there is no set class, and everyone can play a part. You can play healer and make sure those risky devil-dogs stay alive, or maybe you can watch everyone’s back from minions (not Creepers, you know, those sneaky ones). Not only can you save lives, but if you try this I swear you will have a successful run, helping everyone enjoy this amazing game, story, and experience.


Trust me, this is no walk through the park. There will be HIGHS and lows (get the hint). Always take the high ground: you have a better chance of winning if the enemy doesn’t notice you (i.e. The Battle of Hamburger Hill). There are many ways to tackle the situation. Here is what I suggest: be sneaky and make sure you have a high vantage point; not only does this let you decide how the battle ends and starts, but comes with a bonus of a first-strike. Guerilla warfare is the key, sometimes you have to know your way around your land to flank or even run away. Going back to high points, you may jump right on top or behind them and attacking, causing the enemy to have no clue and hesitate, leading to an easy win. Next, you can try and attack from above as they run up, and by the time they hit you, they will notice how low their health is. And finally, try and push them off; there is nothing more frustrating than repeating the same process over and over, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”-Albert Einstein.

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