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Ascended items can be crafted if you throw money at it in Guild Wars 2

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In many ways, I am actually fine with Ascended items. They add an extra layer of progression, pink is a good colour for an item and the Ascended back pieces (or better back pieces in general) were a much needed addition. However, my issue is the fact that Ascended items have only been added to Fractals of the Mists (which has many problems by itself) and are almost entirely lead by the luck of random drops.

Admittedly some Ascended items can be crafted if you throw money at it (mine cost me around 50g) but not all players have the luxury of such wealth and not all players are even fortunate enough to receive the Vial of Condensed Mist Essence. Luck would have it I received two from two enemies only seconds apart, other friends have not been so lucky and after hundreds of fractals have still to receive just one.

The fact that Fractals are the driving force behind Ascended items also ostracizes so much of the player base especially those who don’t enjoy dungeons and all their ‘perks’. The tedium of finding a group or the fact you have to complete three fractals to even progress through the agonizingly ill thought out difficulty system is enough to put many off. What is frustrating in all of this is the lack of consultation with the community or that Ascended items were even ready to be placed into the wider game world.

“Luck would have it I received two from two enemies only seconds apart, other friends have not been so lucky.”

If an item provides a statistical advantage and yet can only be obtained by one method (despite claims it will be rolled out to other areas of the game world) we really need to be asking ourselves whether it should have been put into the game, in its current form. While ArenaNet have certainly gone about (or are going about, in upcoming patches) alleviating some of my concerns above , I still believe that Ascended items add an unnecessary hurdle for players who flocked to Guild Wars 2 to avoid the gear grind.

The stepping stone to a legendary weapon, from exotic is huge and rightly so, but do we really need something in between this to appease the player base? My gut instinct tells me that Ascended items and their implementation is all about ArenaNet actually adding a subtle gear-treadmill to the game to encourage the player base to continue playing. The carrot-on-stick is a guaranteed method of snaring players in the long term which further ensures money is spent on the Black Lion Trading Company. In terms of bottom-line, that’s surely all ArenaNet’s paymasters care about.

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