Guild Wars 2

Why should I care about making a lot of gold in GW2?

That was the question. It seems like a pretty simplistic and straightforward question. I could have just e-mailed this person back and said “because having a lot of gold is totally awesome.” Somehow I feel like that would not have done this person’s question very much justice. I thought about it a bit and I realize that to each person having Guild Wars 2 Gold does something entirely different.

One person’s entire basis for playing the game may be to become as filthy rich as possible. On the other hand, there are people that may read this site just to make enough gold to participate with their Guild mates. I wanted to write this as sort of a reflection for each of all of you.

We are getting so close to the launch of the game that it may be healthy to take a quick stop and just think for a minute what you actually want to get out of playing Guild Wars 2 Gold. Do you want to be that person that has thousands upon thousands of gold to spend at the drop of a hat? It doesn’t matter which style you choose to go with the tips on this site will work no matter what.

While it is easier to stay in the market and never leave it you are also able to drop in and out as you need to make gold. Those who want to make their millions are going to stay in markets and become major players. They are going to combine all the tips that they have found on this site, and many other sites like this one, and become a perennial powerhouse in the economy of Tyria.

Since I really can’t answer my readers question with one specific response I decided to write this and have everyone ask this question for themselves. Why are you going to care about making gold in Cheap GW2 Gold? What kind of player do you want to be?

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