Guild Wars 2

Tips for Account Security in Guild Wars 2

When you buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, Account security should be the No.1 concern for players in any MMO game, Guild Wars 2 is definitely no exclusion. Your account is your license to play the game and storage for your characters, loot, and achievements. If its security is breached then you’re going to lose playtime, possibly characters and items, and more. There is a lot to account security and we’re going to be going over methods to make your account secure the easy way.

Your account is like a car. If you leave the keys in it running then there is chance that someone will steal it. A common misconception when an account is compromised is that it’s ArenaNet’s fault and that they’re horrible people for letting someone steal your account. This could be true if ArenaNet’s systems have been compromised, but currently that isn’t the case. The recent spree of account intrusions are due to a lot of mainstream security breaches at Twitter and Yahoo combined with the reluctance of many to use different passwords for different services.

Here are the tips for the security

1).pls Design Secure Passwords

Password basics:
It should NOT be used on ANY other website, game, or other login function.It should be UNIQUE to Guild Wars 2.It should be LONGER than 8 characters.It should NOT be a dictionary word, doubles of a dictionary word, any personally identifying information (social security number, driver’s license number, etc.) that you wouldn’t want published online, a dictionary word with a number on the end, or easily guessed by your roommates.

2).pls guard the rear entrance. pls use a super safe super secure password for your email, share with no one, and change it every now and then.

3).Turn your email on, please. Make sure you can get emails at any time ,because there is  email authorization to change the passpord.
If your account is ever compromised, be sure to follow our procedure for account recovery!

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