Day: December 23, 2017

Madden 18

Solve The Problem That Madden 18 Not Installed

More and more people like to play this game, and many players not being able to install Madden 18. Since the issue is platform agnostic, there’s a chance you could (or already have) run into this problem. Here are some solutions, if you want to know more, you can visit: You will find more […]

other Path of Exile

The Hack & Slash Path Of Exile Offers A New Extension War

Path of Exile, Hack ‘n’ Slash recognized as the true successor of Diablo 2 by the fans, offers a new extension. This one is called War for the Atlas, and it focuses mainly on the end game content of the game. In the Free2Play MMORPG Path of Exile, it’s up to you to fight the […]

Mu Legend

PvP Mode And 3vs3 PvP Mode Update To The MU Legend’s Content

In MU Legend, characters created during the OBT will not be lost in the future. Once the stress test ends, players will not need to re-download the whole game for the OBT release. Plus, the MU Legend team is offering 500 Bound Redzen to every user who logs in to the server. On December 5th, […]

Path of Exile

Path Of Exile: Introducing The New Map Stash Tab!

Today, what’s the good news about Path of Exile? Path of Exile’s community have been asking for a more efficient way to store maps for a number of years now. They have finally solved the technical limitations that prevented a tab holding thousands of non-stacking items, and are ready to release the Map Stash Tab! […]

FIFA Mobile other

U4GM News: How To Earn FIFA Mobile Coins

Coins are FIFA Mobile currency in game . Players earn them as they play the game. Seasons, live events, levelling matches, player trading and Attack mode are activities that hand out FIFA Mobile coins as rewards. Season mode is FIFA Mobile feature that allows players to take part in matches organized as a real FIFA […]