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November 2017

Madden 18’s Longshot Mode: Reveal The Best Answers In The Conversations

Probably, Longshot is one of the biggest highlights in this year’s Madden 18. In Longshot you will experience a surprising number of cutscenes, conversations and decisions. You have not tried the story mode yet? Now you should take a look at the information of Longshot, which makes you want more, by visiting U4GM and now […]

The Modes Of Madden 18 Is Relatively Strong And Simple: Longshot

We’re very happy to play the modern online football video gameplay Madden 18. If you know this is a huge sports video games, you love it all. It’s time of year when we start seeing sneak peaks of EA Sports’ annual rollout of the Madden football series. By now, we would usually see footage from […]